MarcomBest 11-14 November 2013
Location: National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hakuhodo Lunch

Hakuhodo has sponsored the lunch program for Day Two: November 13th; and following tradition it shall be deemed the "Hakuhodo Lunch".


Established:  October 6, 1895
Incorporated:    February 11, 1924
Capital: ¥35,848 million
Billings: ¥689,125 million
(Year ended March 31,2012; consolidated basis)
Employees: 3,043(as of March, 2012; including contract workers)
Head Office: 5-3-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6322, Japan

Principle lines of business

    (1) Newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, Internet and other advertising; sales promotions; public relations
    (2) Design management and construction of outdoor advertising, exhibition and other spaces
    (3) Design management and construction of building works intended for advertising and promotional purposes
    (4) Advertising research (market research and analysis, advertising surveys)
    (5) Publication and sale of books and periodicals
    (6) Planning, organizing and management of shows and events
    (7) Planning, production, manufacture, sales and lease of audio and video software
    (8) All other work connected with the above
  •     Registered operator with at least one resident full-time first-class architect/building engineer
  •     Holder of Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Special Construction License
  •     ISO 14001 (Environment Management Systems) certification JQA-EM1103:
  •     Product Management Dept., Customer Marketing Div., Integrated
  •     Marketing Planning Center and Corporate Communication Div., Integrated
  •     Marketing Planning Center (Scope: Events, video production, editing/publication of corporate magazines)
  •     ISO/IEC 27001, JIS Q 27001 (information security management system)


Message from Senior Executives



As advances in technology continue to upend the fields of media and communication, sei-katsu-sha are evolving in ways that have exceeded all but the most prescient forecasts. From mere recipients of information, they have transformed into bold decision-makers, determining not only what information they receive, but also when and how they consume it. Moreover, they are rapidly becoming their own source of information.

This is the sei-katsu-sha driven society that Hakuhodo forecast in 2007 when we launched Engagement Ring™, a new model for marketing and communication.
For certain, the relationships between sei-katsu-sha and advertisers, advertisers and society and society andsei katsu-sha have been fundamentally altered, and the challenges facing advertisers have grown far more complex.

How will advertising agencies respond? Indeed, we must do much more than simply assist advertisers with mass-media communication and general promotional activities.
Our mission must be to probe more deeply and provide higher value. The Hakuhodo group is committed to continually reinventing ourself so that we can help advertisers solve their challenges.
What we offer is next-generation integrated marketing solutions.
Advancing the science of marketing on a foundation of digital technology, we apply superior creativity to all facets of marketing--from advertising to strategic planning, to the instigation of social movements. In Japan and around the world, we offer integrated marketing solutions optimized for each client.

Amid all this change, one thing that remains unchanged at Hakuhodo is our twin philosophies of sei-katsu-shainsight and partnership with our clients. Continuing to build on these pillars, we glean ever deeper insights and understanding into sei-katsu-sha, advertisers and society as a whole—knowledge that is essential for our overarching goal of contributing to happiness in society.