MarcomBest 11-14 November 2013
Location: National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam
Do-nyun Kim

Do-nyun Kim
Professor of Urban Design
Sung Kyun Kwan University






Day Two: November 13th

Digital Advertising and Urban Design

Dr. Donyun Kim is a professor of Urban Design at Sung Kyun Kwan University(SKKU) where he is Director of Center for Green Built Environment Research. And he is a faculty of Ubiquitous City planning Program. He is currently a member of Presidential Committee on Green Growth and a leader of Do-si-ga-koom , a place making NGO for design professionals and students.

Donyun has been a chief planner of Seoul Digital Media City (DMC) since 1997.  He was in charge of the master plan and related guidelines and co-invented/designed the Digital Media Street. He has begun work on DMC expansion and upgrade projects in order to reinforce the concepts of green and digital media culture within the development. Currently he is also working with the Presidential Office of Korea to integrate the ideas of new urban forms, new city-making industries and smart sustainable technologies. This idea has the potential to support the healthy and green urbanization of Asian and African countries. Donyun was also in charge of the 2012 Yeosu EXPO and New science city in Korea.

He has been a visiting professor and research affiliate of the City Design and Development group at MIT and a member of New Century City Forum.