MarcomBest 11-14 November 2013
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Dick Van Motman








Dick Van Motman
Chairman & CEO
Dentsu Network/Asia





Day One: November 12th

Reinventing Advertising - The Dentsu Way

All over the place is probably the best way to describe Dick. He’s of mixed descent: Dutch/Indonesian, Portuguese/Jewish and grew up in Holland. Dick graduated with a Bachelor’s in marketing and economics; he then went on to study sociology, specializing in organizational management, at the UVA (University of Amsterdam). When he was 29, he was sent on his first overseas assignment to Korea. Indonesia followed (where he enjoyed the turmoil of a collapsing regime), Hong Kong (where he witnessed the city get handed back to the PRC), South China (where he realized China is indeed unstoppable) and then Singapore (where he got acquainted with the principles of guided democracy).

Dick’s been in advertising for 20 years. He learned the ropes at Ogilvy & Mather, moved to work on Philips DAP Globally at D’Arcy Amsterdam, D’Arcy Korea, D’Arcy Jakarta, D’Arcy Asia Pacific, D’Arcy South East Asia, followed by Leo Burnett Asia Pacific. Enticed by the credo, “Better Ideas, Better Results”, Dick joined DDB Asia in 2004 as Managing Director of the International Division. He focused primarily on embedding the Philips account, which had for the first time in history consolidated its entire business with one agency.

Not one to resist a challenge, he moved to China in 2005. Since taking over the reins of DDB China Group, Dick has built the business from a small agency with a couple of clients in Shanghai to one of the premier creative and integrated groups in China, encompassing DDB, Tribal DDB and RAPP. In 2009 DDB China Group was ranked 2nd best Creative Agency as per China Advertising Magazine, and Tribal DDB Shanghai was ranked 2nd best Digital Agency in China. In March 2010 Dick was also the first foreigner ever to receive the prestigious accolade of “Most Outstanding Advertising Person” – an award handed out by China Advertising and CCTV (China Central Television). The Internationalist Magazine named him one of 30 “Agency Innovators” of the Year in 2010. Under Dick’s leadership, DDB China Group Shanghai was named Greater China Creative Agency of the Year and Tribal DDB Shanghai was named Greater China Digital Agency of the Year at the 2010 Campaign Agency of the Year Awards. DDB China Group also went on to win Ad Age China’s 2010 Agency of the Year.

In recognition of his achievements, Dick was promoted to President and CEO DDB Greater China Group in 2011 – overseeing offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taipei.

Dick is currently Chairman & CEO for Dentsu Network Asia, the first ever non Japanese to lead the operations for the 112 years old Dentsu Agency Network in that region, as they embarked on a major transformational journey with the aim to become the first Global communications network originating out of Asia/Japan. Dick is also a member of the Dentsu Network Global Operating Committee.

Dick relocated after 7 years in China, to Singapore, which he knows well, but will always miss Shanghai for its vibrancy and the people he worked with previously. Luckily he has a piece of China with him in the form of Ying Mei, his partner.

Dick fully adheres to the late Deng Xiao Ping’s saying, “I don’t care what color the cat is as long as it catches mice”. His focus in the end goal, rather than the medium used to get there.

Previously held positions:

1. President and CEO of DDB Greater China Group (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou & Taiwan) October 2010 to present (promotion announced by role officially starts in January 2011)

2. President and CEO of DDB China Group (Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan) 2005 – 2010

3. Managing Director International Accounts DDB Worldwide January 2004 – October 2005, Singapore

4. Vice President, International Accounts, Leo Burnett Asia Pacific January 2003 – January 2004, Singapore

5. Managing Director South East Asia D‘Arcy/ Head of P&G and Philips Asia Pacific January 2001 – January 2003, Singapore