MarcomBest 11-14 November 2013
Location: National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam






The Origin and Meaning behind the AdAsia 2013 Logo

In traditional Eastern culture it is the Crane who brings both good luck and hope for success and has forever been the symbol of nobility and elegance.

[In Japanese folklore: if anyone patiently folds & gives away 1,000 paper cranes, their wish will come true!]

As the Crane is considered the mascot of Taoism; the image of a Crane standing on the back of a Turtle can be seen at many temples and shrines, and is symbolically representative of the harmony between land and sky (Yin & Yang).

In consideration of these concepts, the logo’s designer created the image of the Crane turning its head back – to re-identify itself – and posed in the motion of trimming its feathers as it acts to refine its appearance. (Birds become more beautiful as new, more colorful feathers grow to replace the lost ones.)

The Crane’s feather trimming activity can be imagined to resemble a symbolic expression of the spirit of AdAsia 2013’s theme: “Re-engineer advertising”!

The process of “re-engineering” refers to making changes in any type of system essentially from the inside out.

While commonly a somewhat painful act in the short term; the renewal that re-engineering can bring will generally lead to improved results over the long term.

Much as the Crane’s appearance is improved by sprouting colorful new feathers!

This logo is the winner of the “International AdAsia 2013 Logo Design Contest”

Congratulations and thank you to Ms. Phan Thi Dieu of Hue, Vietnam who created the winning design, which was voted #1 out of some 700 contest entries!

Thai Ha
Chief Secretary of the AdAsia 2013 Organizing Committee
Jury Member in the International AdAsia 2013 Logo Design Contest