MarcomBest 11-14 November 2013
Location: National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam






iButterfly Vietnam is the Digital Marketing Partner of the AdAsia 2013

iButterfly is a “Coupon Entertainment” mobile platform created by Dentsu in Japan. Through a combination of Augmented Reality, Motion Sensor and GPS technology, branded product information and promotional offers are transformed into colorful, eye-catching butterflies and allow consumers to catch them in a free manner.

Dentsu Media Vietnam launched iButterfly last December 2012 as the first key innovation project. The pilot campaign was with Unilever Axe followed by other brands such as Pepsi, 7-Up, Galaxy Cinema, Kirin Ice Plus, etc. It has currently reached a successful 90,000 downloads with about 900,000 butterflies caught. iButterfly provides a platform targeting upscale and lifestyle smartphone users in Vietnam, who can collect all the latest cool offers by trendy brands in one go. The launch of “iButterfly” creates a user-led marketing tool with which consumers can decide when and where to collect market information and promotional offers.

iButterfly Vietnam is now a proud Digital Marketing Partner of the Ad Asia 2013 festival. It will support to promote and attract local and international delegates through communications on the mobile platform and social media channels related to the technology.

iButterfly will deploy Ad Asia branded butterflies across the country to publish the festival’s information to link to official webpages and apps. It will also release other offers and privileges to trigger potential delegates to join the big festival.