MarcomBest 11-14 November 2013
Location: National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam






Dentsu Night: Bringing images of Vietnam and its people to the world

On October 16th 2013 in Hanoi, AdAsia Vietnam Company, Dentsu Inc., Promotec, and Lam Gia Bao Company met to discuss the various details of the Dentsu Night program to be held at AdAsia 2013.

Dentsu Night is an artfully crafted presentation sponsored by Dentsu Inc. whose theme this year is a celebration of “images of Vietnam and its people”.

Dentsu Night is always one particularly special part of the AdAsia festivities that never ceases to amaze and to entertain!

To be held from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM on November 12th, 2013 within the inner square of the National Convention Center, Dentsu Night will feature elaborate decorative sets designed to represent the three regions of Vietnam.

  • The image of Hoan Kiem Lake representing the North of Vietnam
  • The image of Hoi An Town representing the Central Region of Vietnam
  • The image of the Mekong River representing the South of Vietnam

3 large LED screens will display imagery of the 3 regions set to the distinctively varied styles of traditional music native to each respective region.

The Buffet area will be decorated to resemble the thatched styled houses common to each region and guests will have the opportunity to sample the traditional Vietnamese delicacies common to each of the 3 regions as well.

While guests enjoy their dinner, they will be treated to live musical entertainment by a number of famous Vietnamese artists including Mr. Mai Dinh Toi performing on extraordinarily styled instruments; a spellbinding recital featuring the Zither and other traditional Vietnamese instruments; ethic dances and more!

Mr. Tran Hung, Vice President and Secretary General of the Vietnam Advertising Association (VAA) expressed thanks for the avid support shown by Dentsu Inc. during Vietnam’s preparations for AdAsia 2013.

He further noted that, during the meeting the 2 sides had a friendly and informative exchange where the sponsor’s representatives from Japan expressed their satisfaction with the many careful arrangements the VAA had made so far in preparation for the fast approaching event.

The meeting closed with a reiteration of gratitude for Dentsu Inc.’s invaluably supportive sponsorship and an expression of hope that the professional collaboration between AdAsia Vietnam and Dentsu Inc. will be highly successful and thoroughly enjoyed by each and everyone.