MarcomBest 11-14 November 2013
Location: National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Advisory Board

  AdAsia Vietnam Advisory Board

  The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

  The Ministry of Information and Communications

  The Ministry of Trade and Industry

  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  The Ministry of Planning and Investment

  The Ministry of Public Security

  The Hanoi People's Committee


Mr. Huynh Vinh Ai Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Chairman
Mr. Dinh Quang Ngu Chairman of Vietnam Advertising Association; Standing Deputy
Mr. Do Quy Doan Deputy Minister of Information & Communications; Co-Vice Chairman
Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee; Co-Vice Chairman
Mr. Le Duong Quang Deputy Minister of Trade and Commerce
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Vu Hai Trieu Deputy Director General of the Department of Security II / Ministry of Public Security
Mr. Pham Gia Tuc VCCI Vice President
Mr. Tran Hung Vice President / General Secretary of the Vietnam Advertising Association
Mr. Nguyen Van Tinh Department of International Cooperation - Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Mr. Pham Van Thuy Department of Cultural Base - Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism