MarcomBest 11-14 November 2013
Location: National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism








Ladies and Gentlemen:

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism it is my honor to warmly welcome to Vietnam the 28th Asian Advertising Congress (AdAsia 2013).

As a member of the World Trade Organization, Vietnam is well aware of the essential role that advertising and marketing communications play within the interdependent world of international commerce.

As a regular member of the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA) the Vietnam Advertising Association works tirelessly to keep Vietnam fully engaged, well informed, and ever compliant with regards to issues of rights and obligations as pertain to the advertising and communications industry.

In light of the increasingly dynamic pace at which the entire Asian region is currently developing, the singular role that the Asian Advertising Congress has come to play is clearly becoming fundamentally more important every day.

As a business forum, AdAsia 2013 presents attendees with a first class opportunity for opening up new advertising and marketing communication’s channels whereby to engage in ventures of both regional and international scope.

As a social forum, AdAsia 2013 presents an outstanding opportunity to develop new friendships with other AFAA members, share experiences, explore common goals and together devise imaginative new solutions to highlight the unparalleled potential of the Asian region as a market for international investors.

While I believe hosting AdAsia 2013 will provide an excellent chance to showcase Vietnam’s traditional hospitality, local tourism and international trade offerings; the event shall also offer a similar opportunity for AFAA member organizations to introduce various unique products and services from their own respective regions, and I look forward with curious anticipation to welcoming them all to Vietnam on the occasion of this 28th Asian Advertising Congress.

Wishing AdAsia 2013 much good fortune and success in Vietnam!


Minister Hoang Tuan Anh

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Central Committiee Member