MarcomBest 11-14 November 2013
Location: National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam

Chairman of AFAA








Dear friends,

The 28th AdAsia Advertising Congress will be held in Hanoi this year between the 11th and the 14th of November 2013.

Organized under the auspices of the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA), the AdAsia is now arguably the largest Congress for professionals representing marketing, advertising and the media in the Asian subcontinent.

For close to three decades now, the AdAsia has been the premier event where professionals from all over Asia converge to listen, debate and understand the latest trends, innovations and issues that affect the world they work in.

It attracts some of the finest speakers from all over the world who shed light on what they feel may be true game-changers in our industry. And yet the AdAsia is not just about days filled with information, knowledge and shared learning; this time it is about visiting a fascinating country that is attracting global attention for the potential its young emerging economy has to offer, the visual and culinary delights its tourist spots have on display, and particulaly for the genuine warmth and friendliness its populace exudes.

And of course the AdAsia is also about gala evenings where culture and hospitality take center stage and provide the perfect backdrop to network, make new friends and renew old relationships.

Yes the AdAsia is a melting pot of technological advancements, intellectual innovations and sheer fun-filled moments. Our hosts, the Vietnam Advertising Association are leaving no stone unturned to make this a memorable experience.

Along with the members of the AFAA, I look forward to welcoming you to AdAsia 2013 in Hanoi!


Pradeep Guha

AFAA Chairman



In July 1978, representatives of the advertising associations of ten Asian countries in a unanimous decision agreed to set up the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations. This came about as a result of the labors of a working committee which was formed at the 10th Asian Advertising Congress held in Sydney in 1976.

A feasibility study has established that: Advertising and communications practitioners in Asia had indicated their support for an organization that could promote, protect and develop advertising within the context of conditions and varying cultures prevailing in their regions; and the organization shall function, not for the purpose of governing associations in the various countries that shall constitute the Federation, but for the purpose of planning, coordinating and implementing programs to elevate the standards and viability of advertising in the Asian region.

Mr. Antonio de Joya, Chairman of the Organizing Committee summed up the philosophy as “An Asian Federation must, by its very nature, be a sevuspopuli, a servant of the advertising practitioners in Asia, a planner/ doer/coordinator of the tasks that must be done rather than as a would-be Asian overlord who might be tempted to infringe upon the prerogatives of individual trade associations or federations in our respective countries.”

Signatories in the joint statement in 1978 represented advertising associations from Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Singapore.

In retrospect, the idea for an Asian Advertising Association was born in 1958 when the first Asian Advertising Conference was held in Tokyo. According to records on proceedings of the first conference, we find a paragraph referring to such an organization.

Then Mr. Jaini, India, moved that a committee be organized for future Asian Advertising Conference and to establish an Asian Advertising Associations. The motion was carried that each country would select one committee member with the exception of Japan (five committee members) on this Organizing Committee for an Asian Advertising Associations. As it turned out, however, it took 20 years for the idea to be materialized.
*Logo designed by Mr RiswantoRamelan (Indonesia).


Membership of the Federation is open to:
• Regular members who shall be representatives of the advertising organizations in a specified area
• Associate members who are organizations /associations/trade bodies related to the field of advertising
• Corporate members who shall be companies and corporate bodies who believe in the goals and ideals of the Federation
• Individual members – all individuals who are not eligible under any of the above categories, but who believe in the goals and ideals of the Federation

The constitution of AFAA defines ‘Asian’ as including areas in the following regions - Oceania, Australasia, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and the Asia Pacific. The current members of the Federation are:


Advertising Association of Nepal
Advertising Association of Pakistan
Advertising Board of the Philippines
Advertising Council of India
Dewan Periklanan Indonesia
International Advertising Association UAE Chapter
Japan Advertising Federation
Korea Federation of Advertising Associations
Malaysian Advertisers Association
Singapore Advertising and Media Alliance 
Taipei Association of Advertising Agencies
The Advertising Association of Thailand
Vietnam Advertising Association


Dentsu Inc.


Geeteara Safiya Choudhury, Bangladesh
Tran Hoang, Vietnam
Shahar Noor, Malaysia
Bharat Avalani, Malaysia
Ranil De Silva, Sri Lanka


Senyon Kim, Korea
Shuzo Ishikawa, Japan
Indra Abidin, Indonesia
Vinit Suraphongchai, Thailand
Yong Poh Shin, Singapore
Goutam Rakshit, India
Longmen Hu, Taipei


AFAA is formed to:
• Unify all Asian associations involved in the various aspects of advertising
• Upgrade standards, ethics and practices of advertising and to bring a more meaningful contribution from advertising activities to both regional and national socio-economic development
• Setting up the necessary mechanism for Asian Advertising Congresses
• Foster self-regulation
• Devise and implement educational programs


AFAA is governed by a General Body who is supreme to all matters relating to the Federation. In between the meetings of the General Body, the Executive Committee implements the decisions of the General Body. The Executive Committee is composed of a Chairperson, a Vice- Chairperson and four Committee members. The Council has set up committees to deal with specific tasks. These committees work on the following:

• Knowledge - management of the AFAA Knowledge Centre and publications of the Annual Asian Advertising Report

• Marketing - building the AFAA Brand and publicity of AFAA events

• Revenue - generation and management of funds necessary to support the AFAA administrative staff and activities

• Strategy - Liaison and Implementation of local member activities such as Business seminars and Speakers Program

The Federation is affiliated with the International Advertising Association.


The Chairman, and Vice-Chairman and four Executive Committee Members are elected from amongst ordinary members at the Biennial General Meeting.

The current office bearers are:

Executive Committee 2011 - 2015:

Mr PradeepGuha, Advertising Council of India

Mr Raymond So, Taipei Association of Advertising Agencies

Mr Lee Soon Dong
Mr Anthony Kang
Mr Ramesh Narayan
Mr Bharat Avalani

In between the Biennial General Meetings, the Executive Committee may convene the International Council.
This includes all Members of AFAA:

Anthony Kang, Benjamin Teh, Singapore Advertising and Media Alliance
Dinh Quang Ngu, Mr.Dao Van Kinh, Vietnam Advertising Association
Harris Thajeb, Ms Maya Waatono, DewanPeriklanan Indonesia
Hiroshi Uchida, Mr Masaaki Fukui, Japan Advertising Federation
Jones Campos, Mr Andres Kahn, Mr Ricky Algere, Advertising Board of the Philippines
KhooKarKhoon, Malaysian Advertisers Association
Lee Soon Dong, Mr Han il Bum, Mr S J Park, Korea Federation of Advertising Associations
Michael Hsu, Mr Jonathon Chen, Taipei Association of Advertising Agencies
Mohammad Imran Syed/Mr Nadeem Akbar, Advertising Association of Pakistan
On-Usa Lamliengpol ,MrRati Panthawi, The Advertising Association of Thailand
Pradeep Guha, Mr Ramesh Narayan, Mr S K Swamy, Advertising Council of India
Raj Kumar Bhattarai, Advertising Association of Nepal
Tanvir Kanji, International Advertising Association UAE Chapter

Takeshi Mori, Dentsu Inc

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46350 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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J Matthews (matthews [at]

AFAA CHAIRPERSONS (1978 to 2015)
1978 to 1986: Antonio de Joya (Philippines)
1986 to 1989: WajidMirza (Pakistan)
1989 to 1990: Jaffar Bin Mohammed Ali (Malaysia)
1990 to 1993: Saburosuke Suzuki (Japan)
1993 to 1995: Yusca Ismail (Indonesia)
1995 to 1997: Divino M. Villanueva, Jr (Philippines)
1997 to 1999: Vinit Suraphongchai (Thailand)
1999 to 2001: Longmen Hu (Taiwan)
2001 to 2003: Goutam Rakshit (India)
2003 to 2005: Yong Poh Shin (Singapore)
2005 to 2007: Sang Jo Nahm (Korea)
2007 to 2009: Peter Das (Malaysia)
2009 to   2011: Pradeep Guha (India)
2011 to 2015: Pradeep Guha (India)


In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of AdAsia and the 30th anniversary of the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations, the AFAA decided to bestow a special award to advertising industry’s most distinguished servants.

It is in recognition of their career achievement in their country and their stalwart dedication towards furthering the objectives of the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations.Such awards are often the subject of much deliberation as those charged with making the final choice evaluate the merits of many worthy contenders.

But in this case, there was no hesitation in nominating and nor in unanimously agreeing the candidates for their stellar service. It is but a small tribute to persons whose leadership qualities and communication skills have contributed to help shape AFAA in a big way.It is our expression of the industry’s appreciation of their many inspirational contributions.

AFAA Special Awards given in 2007 to:

The late Hideo Yoshida
The late Antonio De Joya
The late Dato’ Jaffar Mohamad Ali
The late Syed Haseen Hashmi
Shuzo Ishikawa
Indra Abidin
Senyon Kim
Longmen Hu
P S Yong
Goutam Rakshit
Vinit Suraphongchai
Geeteara Safiya Choudhury

Award of Merit (2009)
J Matthews