MarcomBest 11-14 November 2013
Location: National Convention Center, Hanoi, Vietnam

Chairman of AdAsia Organizing Committee









Ladies and Gentlemen:

With the approval of the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA) and the vital support of various ministers and governmental departments here in Vietnam, the 28th Asian Advertising Congress 2013 (AdAsia 2013) has been officially slated to be held in Hanoi from the 11th to the 14th of November 2013.

Vietnam is indeed honored to host this momentous gathering of the Asian advertising and communication industry’s best and brightest and the AdAsia 2013 Steering Committee and Organizing Committees are most delighted to welcome you all to attend.

AdAsia 2013 anticipates the attendance of more than 1,000 delegates from AFAA member countries and territories – and many attendees from other countries as well – including the leaders of advertising and communications groups from all over the world.

In addition to the exquisite banquets and various stimulating arts performances planned for the event; AdAsia 2013 will feature a series of seminars presented by many highly acclaimed and world-famous speakers which will unreservedly explore the attention-grabbing theme of this year’s gathering: “Re-engineer Advertising”! 

As AdAsia 2013 is being widely promoted throughout Asia and the world by a number of energetic and highly imaginative international media agencies, we are expecting a truly extraordinary turnout for this year’s Asian Advertising Congress.

At 8:00 PM (20:00) on November 11th 2013, the Opening Ceremonies of AdAsia 2013 will begin at the Vietnam National Convention Center in Hanoi. The festivities will be highlighted by a monumental performing arts program entitled “Asian Beliefs” – a colorful collage of sight and sound depicting the multifarious cultures of AFAA members – which will be televised live by the VTV and AVG broadcasting organizations.

At 8:00 PM (20:00) on November 14th 2013, the Closing Ceremonies of AdAsia 2013 will conclude with another remarkable cultural arts presentation entitled; “Vietnam in Harmony with the World” which will be broadcast live from the Bao Son Paradise Theme Park by VTV, AVG and many local television stations across the nation.

The AdAsia 2013 Organizing Committee wishes to extend an invitation to business enterprises and international associations from around the world to consider sending representatives to attend AdAsia 2013.

While your organization’s participation will contribute to the overall success of AdAsia 2013, the business rewards you’ll receive for attending are sure to be both manifold and significant; the new friendships and connections you’ll make likely to be invaluable; and the experiences you’ll have visiting here in Vietnam are guaranteed to be unforgettable!

Eagerly looking forward to welcoming you all to Vietnam and to AdAsia 2013!

Dinh Quang Ngu

Chairman of the Organizing Committee, AdAsia Vietnam 2013
Chairman of the Vietnam Advertising Association




The Vietnam Advertising Association (VAA) was established in 2001 with the mission of uniting, assisting, and protecting the legal interests of its members.

The VAA is a Regular Member of the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations and an Organizational Member of the International Advertising Association.

The VAA is tasked by the Vietnam Government with keeping track of any changes in international regulations, and compliant with any rules and obligations Vietnam must fulfil in maintaining its many international commitments.
With more than three hundred (300) members nationwide, in addition to providing various training and consulting services, the VAA remains instrumental in regulating industry standards through establishing and managing on behalf of the government the “Vietnam Advertising Code of Conduct”.

The domestic advertising industry in Vietnam has grown to become an important economic contributor with an annual turnover of more than $1 billion USD and, as revenues have continued to increase, the role of the VAA has become evermore important.

Though a very young organization, the VAA is quickly modernizing as it strives to provide important and useful services to its many members. As it labours to devise and establish protective regulations to benefit Vietnam’s consumers, the VAA diligently applies the principles of constant and never-ending improvement in learning to more effectively serve Vietnam’s growing domestic needs and in aiding Vietnam’s efforts at social and economic integration within the international community of nations.

To learn more about the VAA please visit: